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Adam Tooze has a new book out, Shutdown.  Tooze is the liberal left’s current favourite historian.  His previous book, The Wages of Destruction,  won the Wolfson Prize for History and the Longman-History Today Book of the Year Prize. He has taught at Cambridge and Yale and is now Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Professor of History at Columbia University.  He is a prolific writer of articles in the elite press; a mine of information and data on his Twitter account and his Chartbook site.  And of course, he is on SubStack.

I reviewed his last best-selling book, Crashed.  After singing the praises of Tooze’s account of the global financial crash and the ensuing Great Recession, I made the point that “Crashed provides us with the most granular and fascinating account of the crash and its aftermath.  It powerfully shows what happened and how, but in my view does not adequately show why it happened.  But…

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  1. Hvala za namig. Tema je še kako pomembna.

    Tako kot je odvetnik dr.Reiner Fuelmich, koordinator mreže odvetniških pisarn, ki tožijo vlade zaradi ukrepov proti Covid-19 ugotovil:

    “Ko enkrat dojameš, da je Covid zaradi cepiv in ne cepiva zaradi Covid-a, postanejo stvari naenkrat jasne.”

    Podobno bi lahko rekli:

    “Ko enkrat dojameš, da je Covid-19 zaradi 30 trilijonov (tisoč milijard) USD injekcije centralnih bank v tehnično nesolventne zahodne ekonomije, ne 30 trilijonov USD monetarne injekcije zaradi posledic Covid-19, postane vsa ta pandemija vidna v drugi luči.”

    Všeč mi je

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