Denmark: the happy social democrat model?

Tudi “najsrečnejša država na svetu” ima težave z vzdrževanjem socialne države

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Danish Social Democrat leader Mette Frederiksen achieved a successful result in yesterday’s general election. The SD polled 27.5% of the vote (the turnout was down but still over 80%) and increased its seats in parliament to 50. Frederiksen was forced into an early election with the withdrawal of one of the centre parties in her previous ‘left’ coalition over the so-called scandal of the mink farm cull carried out during the COVID pandemic, which wiped out this disgusting industry but lost Danish farmers export revenues.

Despite this, the left coalition has still managed to achieve the 90 seats necessary to ensure its continuation in government, although the two main parties to the left of the SD lost ground. That’s because the main opposition party, the Liberals, and the previously strong anti-immigrant Democrats, took a drubbing (mainly because the SD adopted many of their proposed policies).

Ironically, this result is not…

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