Slovenska zgodba po ameriško

Kaj bi dobili, če bi to spodnjo aktualno ameriško zgodbo iz uvodnika jutrišnjega The Economista prenesli v slovenske razmere? Paralele so zelo zanimive.

As Joe Biden closes in on victory, his success signals a rejection of Donald Trump. Only once in the past 40 years has a president been denied a second term. Mr Trump will lose the popular vote by, we reckon, 52% to 47%—only the electoral college’s bias towards rural voters saved him from a crushing defeat. A Biden White House would also set a wholly new tone. The all-caps tweets and the constant needling of partisan divisions would go. So would the self-dealing, the habitual lying and the use of government departments to pursue personal vendettas. Mr Biden is a decent man who, after the polls closed, vowed to govern as a unifier. His victory would change American policy in areas from climate to immigration.

Vir: The Economist

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