Republikanska hipokrizija

A thread by Paul Krugman

This seems naive to me. The GOP may have said that it favored these things, but the reality has been completely different — and it didn’t start with Trump

Balanced budgets? Reagan cut taxes and increased defense spending, creating first large peacetime deficits in history. Bush cut taxes and passed an unfunded expansion of Medicare. Trump is following the tradition

Free trade? Reagan got Japan to limit its car exports, at large cost to U.S. consumers. Bush did steel tariffs, and backed down only in face of EU retaliation. Trump may give less lip service to free trade, but substantively Rs have been more protectionist than Ds

Small government? Federal spending as share of GDP rose under both Reagan and Bush. What the GOP wants to (and does) cut is spending on the poor. Also, by the way, Rs much more intrusive in private lives

So what does the GOP stand for? Upward redistribution of income: tax cuts for the rich, reduced aid to the poor. Oh, and deregulation that raises corporate profits. Everything else is a sales pitch, not a principle



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