Mirovna dilema velesil

While peace in Ukraine is good from a humanitarian perspective, here’s a Machiavellian analysis on why peace is NOT good for China, Russia or the USA!

News: “Chinese diplomat will be visiting Ukraine, Poland, France, Germany and Russia from Monday to discuss a solution to the Ukraine crisis.”

Here are the flip sides: Maybe China wants the war to go on for few more years! The more the U.S./EU are distracted with the Ukrainian war, the less likely there will be a war in Taiwan Strait. Also, the war will drain US ammunitions. And the American public will become more anti-war if the Ukraine war lasts for few more years.

Russia doesn’t want an immediate peace because a half-wounded Ukraine will rise again. Ideally, Russia wants to capture more regions, all the way up to Odessa. The goal is to permanently neutralize the Nazis.

The US doesn’t want an immediate peace because it wants to weaken Europe more. A deindustrialized EU will strengthen the US dollar, result in more German hi-tech companies moving to the USA etc. Also, the US doesn’t want quick rapprochement between Europe and Russia. The original goal was to disrupt Eurasia and do a regime change in Russia. No point in ending the war now. This is the “peace dilemma.”

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