Odrast je razvoj v vzvratno smer

Dobra nit Roka Spruka, kolega na ekonomski fakulteti, o z zdravo pametjo skreganem konceptu odrasti, ki ga propagirajo zeleni markisti.

A movement calling for the end of economic growth as a sanguine solution for our environmental problems is one of the most intelectually flawed ones in our recent times (1/n)

The question that pundits of degrowth movement have failed to ask is how the world with zero economic growth would survive the current challenges of climate change that require multiple science-based and policy-relevant solutions (2/n)

A world of zero growth entails massive hunger, en massé environmental moral hazard, soaring public and private indebtedness and deteriorating environmental quality with higher instead of lower pollution (3/n)

As our societies become richer, technology-driven solutions for climate change become more affordable, sanguine, and feasible (4/n)

Pundits of sustainability that became prominent supporters of degrowth movement have apparently never practiced evidence-based scientific and scholarly research. It is the only possible explanation for the rise of such flawed and dangerous ideas (5/n)

Sustainability field has not offered any original insight. It criticized economic theory with their apparatchicks and nomenklatura never having studied economics or any other empirical discipline (6/n)

The relevant question that requires feasible policy solution is how to maximize growth through technology improvements and without negative externalities for the environment to improve the welfare and wellbeing of our & future generations. Degrowth is a development in reverse /n

Vir: Rok Spruk, twitter

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