The rate and the mass of profit

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Professor David Harvey is probably the best-known scholar of Marxist economics in the world.  Over the years, Professor Harvey and I have engaged in debate and discussion on Marx’s law of value and Marx’s law of the tendency of the rate of profit to fall.  Professor Harvey has always been sceptical of the relevance of Marx’s law of profitability in explaining regular and recurring crises of production and investment under capitalism.  He prefers alternative explanations.  In the past, I have debated with Professor Harvey on this in defence of the relevance, indeed the ultimate causal connection between crises in capitalism and Marx’s law.  You can read the substance of these debates here and also in the excellent book: The Great Financial Meltdown, systemic, conjunctural or policy created, edited by Turan Subasat.  See in particular, Part Two on Crisis and Profitability.

Now Professor Harvey kindly sent me in advance an…

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