Imperialism meets in Cornwall

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This weekend, the leaders of the ‘free world’ are flying (and helicoptering) into Cornwall, at the tiny end of England, for the first physical meeting of the G7 nations.  As they increase the carbon footprint sharply through extensive fossil fuel activity, the G7 agenda will include dealing with climate change, global ‘action’ on the COVID pandemic and the state of the world economy.

Crowding into the holiday resort of Carbis Bay, the G7 leaders will not be joined by the likes of China or Russia, who are excluded from the deliberations but as hosts to this jamboree, the UK has invited like-minded leaders from Australia, India, South Africa, and South Korea.

The leaders arrive as all the talk is of a fast-growing recovery in the major economies as they come out of the COVID lockdowns and vaccination rates rise. – According to investment bank JPM Morgan economists, “The global…

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