The unending nightmare of Gaza

O uničevalni učinkovitosti (pred)zadnjega apartheida v svetu. Zastave na pol droga…

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The bombs rain down on Gaza city and the rest of the strip compounding the nightmare that Gaza is already for the people living there. Gaza, measuring 375 square kilometers (145 square miles) is home to around 2 million Palestinians, more than half of them refugees. Since 2007, the besieged enclave has been under a crippling Israeli and Egyptian blockade that has gutted its economy and deprived its inhabitants of many vital commodities, including food, fuel and medicine.

The people of Gaza have been confined to the enclave of the Strip and subject to a land, air and sea embargo. The entry of goods has been reduced to a minimum, while external trade and exports have been stopped. Meanwhile, the population has very limited access to safe water and lack regular electricity supply or even a proper sewage system.

The poverty rate in the Gaza Strip has reached 80% during…

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