Problemi s Corman-Drosten et al (2020) ustoličenjem PCR testov: Dodatek

Ta teden sem že objavil zahtevo skupine znanstvenikov zaradi 10 velikih napak zahtevala umik objave raziskave Corman-Drosten et al (2020), ki je ustoličila PCR test kot metodo ugotavljanja okužbe z virusom SARS-CoV-2. Pred dvema tednoma je ta skupina znanstvenikov objavila še dodatek k svojemu pregledu Corman-Drosten et al (2020) metodologije na osnovi pregleda 20 wet-lab študij. Sklep glede spornosti Corman-Drosten et al metodologije se je s tem še dodatno okrepil.

We present 20 scientific publications providing ‘wet lab’ evidence of the performance of the Corman et al. PCR protocol. Of those, 17 found problems with incorrect primer design (mismatches, dimer formation, melting temperature) in the SARS-CoV-2 specific “confirmatory” test named RdRp-PCR for “RNA-dependent RNA-polymerase” or the E-gene assay.

These documented problems include:

    • Documented primer dimers and False Positives in non-template controls (NTCs)
    • Documented poor sensitivity and False Negatives compared to other assays
    • No internal control to normalize the sample preparation variability and its impact on viral load estimation
    • No defined Ct for calling samples “Positive cases”
    • Poorly documented positive controls and sequences used in their study


We believe the references provided in this addendum itemize the scientific consensus evident in the literature regarding the flaws in the original PCR detection method for SARs-CoV-2 published by Corman et al.. Further, since several important flaws were published in peer-reviewed journals, the lack of correction of the original PCR protocol by either Eurosurveillance or as an update in the Charité-WHO protocol brings into question the scientific integrity of the authors of Corman et al. These references settle any remaining debate that the Corman et al. manuscript should be retracted on technical grounds alone. The rapidity of the peer-review and conflicts of interest are even more troubling.

Celoten dodatek lahko najdete tukaj.

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