The Friedman doctrine in the 21st century

Zanimivo. Pa ne zaradi esejev, ki se strinjajo s Friedmanom, ampak predvsem zaradi tistih, ki argumentrajo nasprotno.

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The Stigler Center at the Booth Business School of the University of Chicago has just published an e-book commemorating Milton Friedman’s pronouncement on the valuable and virtuous role of modern capitalist corporations. Named after leading neoclassical economist George Stigler, the Stigler Center wanted to honour the work of Milton Friedman in justifying capitalist corporations as a force for good.

For those who don’t know, Milton Friedman was the leading economist of the ‘Chicago School’ in the post-war period and the renowned exponent of ‘monetarism’ ie that inflation of goods and services prices is caused by changes in the quantity of money circulating in an economy.  Friedman was notorious for his support of ‘free markets’, small government and dictatorships (he gave advice to the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile in the 1970s).  See my 2006 review of Friedman’s work in my book, The Great Recession, p119.

What interested the Stigler Center was…

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