FOOTBALL LEAKS: Millions of Dejan Lovren and Mateo Kovačić collected in Mamić’s Swiss company investigated for gross crimes

Blaž Zgaga v Nacionalu razkriva še eno v seriji nogometnih afer, vezanih na transfer hrvaških nogometnih zvezdnikov, pri čemer je – namesto, da bi prispela v matični klub – na zasebnih računih Zdravka Mamića in kolegov poniknila polovica transferja.

This summer Croatian defender Dejan Lovren experienced a similar peak to his sports career as the best player of the 2018 World Cup Luka Modrić, where the two played together in the final in Moscow. A few weeks earlier they met in another important match, in the final of the Champions League. This time they were on opposite sides, Modrić as a key player for Real Madrid, Lovren as a defensive pillar of Liverpool.

They have more in common. The career of both players started in Dinamo Zagreb, where both shared then executive vice-president as their player’s agent Zdravko Mamić. In July 2008 Luka Modrić was transferred from Dinamo Zagreb to Tottenham for €21 million transfer fee and Lovren was transferred from Dinamo Zagreb to Olympique Lyonnais for €8 million fee in January 2010. This was big money for the club.

But half of these sums ended up in the private bank accounts of Zdravko Mamić and his associates, and the Croatian authorities initiated investigations for abuse of trust in business dealings and tax evasion.

In June 2018, the District Court in Osijek sentenced Zdravko Mamić to six years and six months in prison, because he illegally funneled 50 percent of Modric’s and Lovren’s transfer fees from Dinamo Zagreb. Also his brother Zoran Mamić and then director of Dinamo Zagreb Damir Vrbanovič who is executive director of Croatian Football Federation today were sentenced to years in prison for crime of abuse of trust in business dealings. According to the judgement they appropriated 15.6 million from the club, and Zdravko Mamić needs to return 7 million euro of illicit gains to Croatia’s budget.

Vir: Blaž Zgaga, Nacional

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