FOOTBALL LEAKS: Massive tax fraud of Luka Modrić’s agents

The €35 million transfer contract between Tottenham and Real Madrid was signed on 26 August 2012. A day later Los Blancos general manager Jose Angel Sanchez signed another secret agent contract with Lemić and Davor Ćurković, both on behalf of the company reINA.

This contract brought Lemić’s Belgian company €2 million in agent fees for “negotiation and execution of labor and image rights contract” between Luka Modrić and Real Madrid. The contract also includes the negotiations for the transfer of federative rights of Luka Modrić from Tottenham to Real.

In 2012 Luka Modrić founded Luxembourg based company Ivano, where 15 per cent of his salary from Real Madrid was hidden in the form of image rights, as revealed by Croatian news magazine Nacional in Football Leaks in December 2016. Due to this expose, in September 2018, Modrić paid €1.4 million in additional taxes and fines to the Spanish tax administration, and accepted an eight-month suspended prison sentence in a settlement.


In 2014, when Luka Modrić received his first pay rise at Real Madrid, Vladica Lemić shifted the destinations of his fees from Belgium to Bosnia & Herzegovina.

But on 20 August 2014, the midfielder signed a new employment contract with Real Madrid, which brought him a 50 percent higher salary, or €8.4 million annually without bonuses, with a contract valid until the end of the 2017/2018 season. Also the image rights, paid separately, increased to €1.5 million per year. This means his salary increased to €10 million annually.

However more than a month later, on 30 September 2014, Real Madrid signed a secret agent contract with Top Sports Consulting, solely owned by younger brother Zoran Lemić and registered in the city of Banja Luka, the capital of the Serbian entity within Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Vir: Blaž Zgaga, Nacional

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