Kako so se spervertirale ameriške sanje

Nobelovec Robert Schiller je odlično komentiral spervertirano verzijo ameriških sanj, kot jo je definiral Donald Trump. Trump je ameriške sanje zvulgariziral na materialne dobrine, medtem ko so v prvi polovici dvajsetega stoletja te sanje simbolizirale ključne vrednote (predvsem svobodo, večjo enakost možnosti in medsebojno spoštovanje) kot pogoj za uspeh.

Consider that the phrase, the American Dream, has changed radically through the years.

Mr. Trump and Ben Carson, the secretary of housing and urban development, have suggested it involves owning a beautiful home and a roaring business, but it wasn’t always so. Instead, in the 1930s, it meant freedom, mutual respect and equality of opportunity. It had more to do with morality than material success.

This drift in meaning is significant, because the American Dream — and international variants like the Australian Dream, Le Rêve Français and others — represents core values. In the United States, these values affect major government decisions on housing, regulation and mortgage guarantees, and millions of private choices regarding whether to start a business, buy an ostentatious home or rent an apartment.

Conflating the American dream with expensive housing has had dangerous consequences: It may have even contributed to the last housing bubble, the one that led to the financial crisis of 2008-9.

Vir: Robert Schiller, New York Times

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