Predpostavke in realnost

Nenagradno vprašanje: katera izmed predpostavk v tem modelu velja v  realnem svetu?

In New Keynesian DSGE models the natural rate has a specific definition:  it is the real interest rate (the nominal interest rate adjusted for expected inflation) that would prevail in a hypothetical environment, where nominal prices and wages can adjust immediately, and where mark-ups in the goods and labour market are constant. Because output is at its potential or natural level when nominal price and wage rigidities are absent, the natural rate is a counterfactual rate that would occur only if all the economy’s resources were fully employed as set out in Del Negro et al. (2015).

Vir: Goldby, Laureys & Reinold, 2015

In zakaj potem tak DSGE model uporabljati za oceno česarkoli, ne samo “naravne obrestne mere“?!?

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