Call for a research assistant and PhD candidate

This is an informal call for a research assistant and PhD candidate in the field of international trade. The candidate will get financing for a three year period. During this period, the candidate will be employed as a young researcher at the Faculty of Economics (University of Ljubljana) and will be enrolled to its PhD program in economics. The candidate will specialize in theoretical and empirical research on global supply chains.

The candidate has to meet formal criteria as set out in Rules on the Procedures of the (co)financing and Monitoring of Research Activities Implementation by the Slovenian Research Agency (see articles from 101 onwards). Selection criteria will not be based upon race, nationality or gender, but upon revealed capabilities and excellence of the candidates.

Preference will be given to the candidates (meeting the above formal criteria) with following characteristics:

  • degree in economics, physics or mathematics,
  • preferably master degree in economics at the established EU or US university,
  • solid knowledge base in the field of micro- and macroeconomics and econometrics,
  • high motivation for research in the field of international trade,
  • high degree of intelectual curiosity, ambition and self-initiative,
  • high degree of personal integrity,
  • openness and ability to work in team.

Official call will be published presumably on 6.6.2013 at the website of the Slovenian Research Agency.

When applying to the offical call, the candidates are asked to send a motivation letter to my e-mail ( describing their special qualifications and personal characteristics. Short listed candidates will be invited for an interview.

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