Kitajska je za mir, ZDA pa netijo vojne

Malce je sicer propagande v spodnjem tvitu, ampak tako približno izgleda sedanja situacija državam v razvoju: Kitajska je za mir, ZDA pa netijo vojne. Kajti mir za države v razvoju pomeni možnost trgovine, rasti in razvoja. Sodelovanje v ameriško-induciranih vojnah pomeni nazadovanje in mizerijo. Katero stran bodo izbrale, očitno ni več dilema.

China wants peace and the US wants wars — this is the situation now due to structural characteristics of the two economic systems. China wants peace because its economy is based on production, infrastructure and trade. Peace means Chinese trains and ships can move around freely importing and exporting goods. Peace means Chinese engineers can build bridges and dams. Peace means Alibaba can get customers from Syria and Iraq.

On the other hand, the US engine is running on dollar vaporware, which can be sustained only by a Ponzi scheme, which needs a continuous supply of buyers.

Peaceful and prosperous countries are not going to buy US debt. They are going to trade in local currencies. They are going to create trade blocs like BRICS. A peaceful and prosperous Middle East will start selling oil for Yuan. Saudis will use oil profits to build futuristic cities (Neom) rather than buy US weapons. Peaceful and prosperous countries will invest in colleges, R&D, manufacturing and technology. Soon they will be competing with US companies. Look at China over the last 40 years. What happens next in the world will depend on the intelligence of human beings.

Unfortunately, maintaining peace is 100x more difficult than starting wars.

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