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Dobre sugestije za knjige tega leta. Zanimivo pa se mi zdi, da marksist Michael Roberts povsem ignorira lnjigo drugega ekonomista, ki prav tako uporablja marksistično metodologijo, in sicer knjigo Michaela Hudsona “The Destiny of Civilization: Finance Capitalism, Industrial Capitalism or Socialism”, ki je zame odkritje leta.

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Every year at this time, I look back at any books that I have reviewed.  I’ll start with Bradford DeLong’s book, Slouching towards Utopia, because this was considered the best economic history book of the year. 

DeLong is regarded as one of the world’s most prominent Keynesian economists.  I debated with him once way back in 2016 at the annual conference of the American Economics Association (ASSA 2016).  In that debate, DeLong criticised Marxists like me for ‘just waiting for Godot’, (following the play by Samuel Beckett ), namely that we were saying that nothing could be done under capitalism to improve the world and we just had to wait for it to collapse.  In contrast, he and other Keynesians won’t wait; we can solve the world’s problems with the right economic policies now.

Well, in his new book, DeLong seems a little less optimistic about that. DeLong claims that…

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