ASSA 2021 – part one: the mainstream dilemma

Dober, čeprav subjektivni povzetek dogajanja na zadnji konferenci American Economic Association.

Zabaven je tale sklep:

Perhaps it is time to phase out mainstream economics itself. One paper raised the possibility that artificial intelligence could replace economists soon and do all the calculations that humans do now.

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The annual conference of the American Economic Association (ASSA 2021) was unusual this year, for obvious reasons.  Instead of 13,000 academic and professional economists descending on an American city to present and discuss hundreds of submitted papers over a few days, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, ASSA 2021 was virtual.  Despite that, there were a host of papers presented, along with plenaries of the great and good in mainstream economics and economic policy.

Every year, there is an issue that tends to dominate among the mainstream presentations.  In previous years that has been the economics of rising inequality and last year it was the economics of climate change.  Not surprisingly, this year it was the economic impact of COVID-19 and what policies to deal with the pandemic slump.

There were two large panel presentations on the economic impact.  The first was on what was happening to the US economy and…

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