Harvard spreminja kurs v poučevanju osnov ekonomije

Progresivna Laibsson in Furman sta odlična zamenjava za konzervativnega Mankiwa, ki je napovedal, da bo nehal poučevati osnove ekonomije na Harvardu.

Furman said the change will provide him and Laibson more instruction time, which they said they hope to use to incorporate more real-world applications into the material they cover.

“We want to get across sort of standard textbook analytical economics, but also be able to spend time on how that gets applied to issues like inequality or tax policy, or the latest policies that the Fed[eral Reserve] is doing, and think that’s better if we’re spending more time in lecture,” Furman said.

Laibson added that the two hope to attract students across disciplines to the course by increasing its “breadth of topics.”

“It’s not an abstract exercise and a starting point for becoming an economist,” Laibson said. “It’s rather an introduction to foundational ideas that can be applied everywhere in their lives, whatever they do, certainly if they become an economist, but also on any other paths they choose.”

“Economics is not just about finance and consulting — it’s about inequality; it’s about discrimination; it’s about issues in gender,” he added.

Vir: The Harvard Crimson

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