Če smo že pri teoriji zarot…

… in inteligentni skepsi, je dobro prebrati ta članek v Bloombergu o Alexandru Duginu, brilijantnem ali norem, vsekakor pa ekstremističnem ruskem filozofu, ki naj bi najprej spravil Erdogana in Putina (po sestrelitvi ruskega lovca nad turško mejo), ju naredil zaveznika v sirski vojni, in pomagal preobrniti sirsko kalvarijo v prid zmage predsednika Asada. In ki naj bi ideološko povezal Putina in Trumpa.

Ne da bi se spuščal v to, koliko od tega je res, je dejstvo, da je Putinova diplomacija v zadnjih letih zasenčila ameriško (Putinov uvodnik v NY Timesu, preprečitev ameriške invazije na Sirijo, zmaga v ukrajinskih nemirih in odcepitev Krima, zmaga v sirski kalvariji, vpliv na ameriške volitve itd.). In Rusiji v zadnjih letih uspeva to, za kar se tako goreče zavzema Dugin – rušenje ameriške “liberalne hegemonije” v svetu.

Spodaj je nekaj odlomkov iz članka o Duginovi vlogi, preberite pa predvsem tisto vmes.

After Turkey shot down a Russian warplane along the Syrian border in 2015, prompting “World War III” to trend on Twitter, the firebrand philosopher used his contacts in both countries to form a backchannel that helped Vladimir Putin and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan end an increasingly dangerous feud, according to a retired Turkish general who flew to Moscow for secret talks.

The rapprochement allowed Putin to outmaneuver the Obama administration and turn the tide in Syria’s civil war on behalf of Bashar al-Assad. For Dugin, whose views on the evils of liberalism have been cited by Bannon and other far-right leaders, it also moved Russia a step closer to fulfilling his vision of unwinding the U.S.-led global order, in part by luring Turkey away from NATO and creating a “Russo-Islamic pact” that includes Iran.

Dugin, the son of a Soviet military-intelligence official, said being independent makes him an effective go-between in matters of state. The 55-year-old rabble-rouser, blacklisted by the U.S. for aiding the insurgency in Ukraine, has no official post. But he has advised a member of Putin’s inner circle and written a textbook on geopolitics that’s been used by the military.

“I can talk to people like an official can’t,” Dugin said in his Moscow office at Tsargrad TV, where he’s a commentator and chief editor. “A diplomat says what he’s told. What does a military man say? Even less. And an intelligence officer? Nothing at all. You don’t understand where the truth lies. I speak from the perspective of geopolitics. That’s why the Turks started to trust me.”

Dugin, who’s been described as everything from an occult fascist to a mystical imperialist, lost his prestigious job running the sociology department at Moscow State University in 2014 after activists accused him of encouraging genocide. Thousands of people signed a petition calling for his removal after a rant in support of separatists in Ukraine in which he said, “kill, kill, kill.”

“He’s seen as a brilliant philosopher, but brilliance and madness are very close to each other,” said Sergei Markov, a political consultant to Putin’s staff. Even though Dugin’s not an official envoy, Markov said, “he appears to have given the Turks some very good advice.”

Dugin, who has long predicted the demise of “the West’s liberal hegemony,” said the election of Trump has been a watershed development that promises to change the course of world history.

“Incredibly beautiful—one of the best moments of my life,” he said after Trump’s inauguration.

After decades of railing against Washington for seeking the “Westernization of all of humanity,” Trump’s elevation has led to a Damascene conversion for Dugin, who declared anti-Americanism “over.”

“America not only isn’t an opponent, it’s a potential ally under Trump,” he said.

Now Dugin’s focusing on Europe, where he’s been cultivating ties with anti-establishment parties that threaten a political and military union seven decades in the making.

With key elections in France, Germany and the Netherlands this year, the Russian polemicist has a new mantra for Europe that’s ripped straight out of Trump’s campaign playbook:

“Drain the swamp.”

Vir: Henry Meyer & Onur Ant, Bloomberg

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  1. Ja, Dugin je nedvomno eden od “ventilov” ruske geopolitike. Več njegovih prispevkov lahko vidite na ruski propagandni strani Fort Russ (ne glede na očitno propagando pa lahko tam najdete marsikaj kar na zahodu ne bo nikoli prišlo na dan. Eden njegovih člankov:


    Na temo bližnjevzodnega konflikta vedno dobro argumentirani in z dejstvi in viri podkrepljen Voltairnet:


    In za na koncu še za tiste, ki jim do sedaj še vedno ni nič jasn; iz ust bivšega francoskega zunanjega ministra:


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