An Open Letter from Past CEA Chairs to Senator Sanders and Professor Gerald Friedman

To mi je všeč, “evidence-based policy making” in objektivnost ne glede na politično barvo predlagateljev. Bivši šefi ekonomskih svetovalcev demokratskih predsednikov opozarjajo Bernieja Sandersa in njegovega svetovalca Geralda Friedmana, da njune ekonomske napovedi ne vzdržijo soočenja z resno analizo.


Dear Senator Sanders and Professor Gerald Friedman,

We are former Chairs of the Council of Economic Advisers for Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. For many years, we have worked to make the Democratic Party the party of evidence-based economic policy. When Republicans have proposed large tax cuts for the wealthy and asserted that those tax cuts would pay for themselves, for example, we have shown that the economic facts do not support these fantastical claims. We have applied the same rigor to proposals by Democrats, and worked to ensure that forecasts of the effects of proposed economic policies, from investment in infrastructure, to education and training, to health care reforms, are grounded in economic evidence.  Largely as a result of efforts like these, the Democratic party has rightfully earned a reputation for responsibly estimating the effects of economic policies.

We are concerned to see the Sanders campaign citing extreme…

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