Republikanski intelektualni paradoks ali nezmožnost zmagati proti Trumpu na domačem terenu

Dober zapis v Voxu intelektualnega okolja v Republikanski stranki: kandidati za republikansko predsedniško nominacijo, ki so skupaj s histeričnimi desničarskimi mediji  napihovali ozračje islamofobije, migrantofobije in vseh ostalih frustracij, ki je nato katapultiralo Donalda Trumpa in ustvarilo “problem Donalda Trumpa“, niso sposobni pobegniti iz pasti, ki so jo sami postavili. Ko debatirajo o istih stvareh, ki so jih prav oni napihnili v mega problem, se izkažejo kot bistveno šibkejši od Trumpa. Ali drugače rečeno, na bojnem polju, ki so ga sami zakoličili na svojem terenu in po svojem izboru, ne morejo zmagati proti Donaldu Trumpu.

To nekako najbolje reflektira intelektualni domet republikanskih kandidatov. Vsi skupaj niso za enega Trumpa.

The agenda of Thursday’s Fox News-hosted Republican debate, like the agenda of the Republican party itself, was pretty plainly to undermine Donald Trump. He is a threat to the party and is at war even with Fox News, so it was unsurprising that the first round of questions was explicitly designed to prompt each and every candidate to condemn the field’s front-runner.

But once the Trump-bashing ritual had ended, and Fox News had done its duty in the GOP’s campaign to bring down Trump before Trump brings down the party, something curious happened. The discussion shifted to terrorism. And every candidate on stage — as well as the moderators themselves — announced that Americans were at grave and imminent danger from the “radical Muslims” in our midst, that President Obama is ushering terrorists into our neighborhoods, and that political correctness has shackled police from keeping us safe.

It was a breathtaking sight. Only moments after decrying the destructive extremism of Donald J. Trump, the candidates and moderators paused for a commercial break and, without even a hint of self-awareness, urged their audience to embrace exactly the sense of fear and desperation that so fuels Trump.

What you saw in this debate was the GOP field and the party’s most powerful media institution declare their opposition to Donald Trump, then go about, for two hours, painstakingly maintaining the eco-system of fear that allows him to thrive.

Vir: Max Fisher, Vox

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