“Motni posli” glede objave IMF-ovega poročila o nevzdržnosti grškega dolga

Evropski člani boarda IMF naj bi, po poročanju Ekathimerini, menda poskušali preprečiti objavo IMF-ovega poročila (pdf) o vzdržnosti grškega dolga ta četrtek, ker bi to utegnilo vplivati na izid referenduma. Toda ZDA kot najmočnejša članica IMF ter osebje IMF se niso pustili motiti “osebnim imperativom EU. Kot veste, poročilo IMF pravi, da je grški dolg nevzdržen in da bo potreben nov dogovor, ki naj bi zmanjšal obseg dolga (haircut), podaljšal dobo odplačevanja ter prinesel dodatno finančno pomoč Grčiji. V sedanji situaciji bi to znašalo najmanj 52 milijard evrov dodatne finančne pomoči do konca leta. Toda, ker se situacija slabša, bo potrebno še več.

At a meeting on the International Monetary Fund’s board on Wednesday, European members questioned the timing of the report which IMF management proposed at short notice releasing three days before Sunday’s crucial referendum that may determine the country’s future in the eurozone, the sources said.

There was no vote but the Europeans were heavily outnumbered and the United States, the strongest voice in the IMF, was in favor of publication, the sources said.

The Europeans were also concerned that the report could distract attention from a view they share with the IMF that the Tsipras government, in the five months since it was elected, has wrecked a fragile economy that was just starting to recover.

“It wasn’t an easy decision,” an IMF source involved in the debate over publication said. “We are not living in an ivory tower here. But the EU has to understand that not everything can be decided based on their own imperatives.”

The board had considered all arguments, including the risk that the document would be politicized, but the prevailing view was that all the evidence and figures should be laid out transparently before the referendum.

“Facts are stubborn. You can’t hide the facts because they may be exploited,” the IMF source said.

Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis said in a blog post the IMF had upheld the SYRIZA party government’s contention for the last five months that debt relief should be at the center of the negotiations.

“Puzzlingly, all this fine research by the good people at the IMF suddenly evaporates when IMF functionaries coalesce with their ECB and the European Commission colleagues in order to impose upon our government their chosen policies,” he wrote.

The IMF argues that Greece’s debt burden of nearly 185 percent of gross domestic product can only be made sustainable if the eurozone provides considerable extra financing through a mixture of new loans and a debt restructuring.

Diplomats said the IMF’s publication of the study was a way of making clear it would only be part of any future loan pact with Greece if the Europeans included debt relief in the mix.

Germany and its north European allies have said the IMF’s presence is indispensable both to win parliamentary backing for aid for any eurozone partner, and to keep the European institutions honest. Berlin suspects the European Commission of being too soft on Greek efforts to wriggle out of reforms of pensions, taxation, public sector wages and labor law.

Vir: Ekathimerini

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