2nd WWWforEurope Best Paper Award

2nd WWWforEurope Best Paper Award for research works on important yet so far under-researched topics:

  • Increasing resilience of the economic and financial system (including the role of finance for the real economy)
  • Financing the welfare state in a low growth scenario
  • Options to reduce working time (who, how, why, enforcement) in a low growth scenario
  • The implications of low growth for distribution (including gender aspects), social mobility, and openness
  • Case studies of social and economic consequences of low growth (e.g. Italy, Japan)

WWWforEurope – Welfare, Wealth and Work for Europe – is a 4 year interdisciplinary research project lasting from 2012 to 2016 that set out to design a sustainable and inclusive development path for Europe. 34 research institutions from 12 European countries are participating. For more information on WWWforEurope please visit: www.foreurope.eu 

The best paper award will be presented during a WWWforEurope Conference in Vienna on the 5th and 6th of May 2015. An additional award will be granted to the best work of a young researcher (age 34 or younger). Authors of excellent papers will enjoy the opportunity to publish their research work as WWWforEurope working papers.

We invite researchers to submit their papers by November 16th, 2014. The objective is to stimulate and/or gather existing research on important issues for the WWWforEurope research agenda at the outset of the project’s synthesis phase.

For further information on the Best Paper Award, please consult http://www.foreurope.eu/index.php?id=914 or contact: wwwforeurope-area6@wifo.ac.at 

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