Zanimivo branje: Europe 2020 Project Bond Initiative

Nekoliko pozno, toda novembra 2011 je tudi EU pripravila skupen evropski program investicij v javno infrastrukturo – Europe 2020 Project Bond Initiative. Namen programa je spodbuditi investicije v javno infrastrukturo (transport, energetiko in širokopasovni dostop) ter oblikovati dolžniški trg kapitala kot dodatni vir financiranja investicij v infrastrukturne projekte. Program naj bi izvajala Evropska investicijska banka (EIB), njegova vrednost pa naj bi znašala 1.5 do 2 bilijona evrov.

Glavne značilnosti programa:

The scope of this pilot phase is to test the project bond concept during the remaining period of the current multi-annual financial framework 2007-2013. The pilot phase of the Initiative will start its operations in Summer 2012. The pilot phase will be implemented by the European Investment Bank (EIB).The objectives of the pilot phase of the Initiative are two-fold:

  • to stimulate investment in key strategic EU infrastructure in transport, energy and broadband.
  • to establish debt capital markets as an additional source of financing for infrastructure projects.

The aim is to attract institutional investors to the capital market financing of projects with stable and predictable cash flow generation potential by enhancing the credit quality of project bonds issued by private companies. The intention is to support capital market financing of projects as a form of finance to complement loans, not to replace other sources of financing, such as grants, nor to intervene in stages prior to financing, such as feasibility studies, assessments or procurement, where grants are also widely used.

Commercially viable infrastructure projects in the EU, which are eligible for funding under the TEN-T or TEN-E policies or under the CIP-Decision on broadband, could benefit from the initiative.

Več informacij o programu Europe 2020 Project Bond Initiative je dostopno tukaj in tukaj.

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