Victoria Nuland, državna podsekretarka za posebne operacije (2)

1/10 Let’s talk about @UnderSecStateP Viktoria Nuland and her role in US policy of #warmongering Because it’s look like she is just on her way under the bus! Image


2/10 Toria Nuland father real name was Nudelman, her father parents was born in Moldova and Belarus, this is how everything what happens in #Ukraine and retaliation on #Russia it is personal vendetta for Toria


3/10 It all began at Brown, when Nuland developed an interest in Russia. She had read and loved Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, and wondered how a culture could both have produced writers like those and also developed the brutal Communist system under which Russians were living. 

4/10 Nuland—friends call her Toria—has spent her entire career as a foreign service officer. She has served in embassies in Moscow, Mongolia, and China. But her passion she find in serving to interest of “Endless War” Here is a Dick Cheney swearing Toria to serve in State…… Image

5/10 I’m personally believing that her engagement with #CIA happened during her latest years of Brown University. In 1984 Toria spend a six months on the Soviet Union fishing ship (big one) mastering her understanding of Russian sociology… 

7/10 Next big thing in Toria life as a warmonger was engineering of #IraqWar together with her husband, Robert Kagan – prominent neocon, and on that time Toria and MIC strike a deal – Producing tensions-Starting War-Profiting from Weapons sales –

8/10 I’m sure that’s Arab Spring also has Toria fingerprints all over, but let’s go to #Ukraine My dear friend and great investigative journalist Robert Parry wrote this in 2014… Image

9/10 We were covering Toria activities in #Ukraine in our film Ukraine on Fire You need to watch that movie to understand her leading role in that coup, film is available on #amazonprime and everywhere else

10/10 Nuland was also very much related to attempts to ignite a color revolution in #Russia in 2012, but failed – her assets in #Moscow was @navalny, Bill Browder, ambassador McFaul and she was reported directly to #HillaryClinton Image

11/10 I want to keep that thread open and invite everyone to add to our knowledge on subject.

After the Brown she was also in National War College – institution for grooming of State Department and DOD leaders

12/10 Connection of Victoria Nuland and other prominent Neocon – Senator McCain play well not only in staging Coup in #Ukraine, but also seeding seeds of #RussiaHoax at home. We was telling that story in Revealing Ukraine documentary

And this is latest from @UnderSecStateP her self, now you will read that speech with very different perspectives. As an American journalist I believe that we need to educate our audience, enlighten audience, and let’s audience to decide!…

Let’s add some video to that good thread 🧵 Victoria Nuland bragged about US investment in “Democracy” and “easing other goals” (coup?) in #Ukraine 

Famous F..k the EU phone call with ambassador Payat

On her way to #Maidan in #Kiev in 2013 to deliver some “cookies” with Jeff Payat, her lieutenant and protégés (he was serving Deep State well before on position in IAEA trying hard to present Iranian atomic program in the bad light) Image

And more “cookies” stunt during Maidan coup in Kiev 2013-2014 ImageImageImageImage

And more video of grilling 

13/10 This is how exactly Viktoria Nuland acting in favor of @HillaryClinton was inserting Chris Steele dossier on Donald Trump into the @StateDept Excerpt from our documentary “Revealing Ukraine” @stranahan great analysis 

14/10 Bio-Labs After Maidan coup (2014) #Ukraine was a testing site not only of political technology of mass brainwashing, but as well a gathering of pathogen’s for creating a new kinds of biological warfare. Russia seized a lot of evidences and #ViktoriaNuland was worried 

15/10 Nordstream 2 pipeline destroying – This is hard to hold when you see how cynical #ViktoriaNuland when she is bragging about act of international state terror act – blowing Nordstream 2 pipeline
Great story by Seymour Hersh under that link+video… 

16/10 Latest from #Nuland about how that #war that she has manufactured will go to the end, listen yourself

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Vir: Igor Lopatonok, twitter

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