WHO o preučevanju učinkov ivermektina za zdravljenje Covid-19

V soboto sta dve visoki uradnici WHO (Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove and Dr. Soumya Swaminathan) na tiskovni konferenci pokomentirali tudi možnosti, da bi WHO uvrstil ivermektin med svoja priporočila glede zdravljenja Covid-19. Kratek povzetek bi se glasil, da WHO preučuje rezultate kliničnih testov, da obstoječe meta analize in klinični testi kažejo obetajoče rezultate (čeprav nekatere ne zadostujejo standardom) ter da bo njihova skupina za priporočila v roku dveh tednov objavila svoje stališče.

Daljši povzetek s komentarjem pa najdete tukaj:

Dr. Van Kerkhove, a technical lead of this global organization’s COVID-19 response and expert in emerging diseases and zoonosis, reported that she is carefully monitoring clinical trials and noted that some of these studies, soon to conclude, may trigger WHO to carefully review, analyze and describe a recommendation in the weeks to come.

Dr. Van Kerkhove shared that they currently have data on 1,500 study patients from 11 studies but that ultimately, there could be data involving up to 7,000 patients from a total of 56 studies. Emphasizing that the underlying studies vary in quality, WHO factors that element into their ultimate recommendations. A WHO steering committee will carefully look at the updated data to consider any change in guidance. Van Kerkhove shared that this process is, in fact, expedited; however, she emphasized the incredibly comprehensive review that will ultimately be shared with the public.

WHO’s Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, Director-general of the Council of Medical Research, India, also introduced herself, starting off by saying that the low-cost, economical drug showing promise wasn’t prioritized in the Solidarity trial to date.

Now, she shared that an expert WHO committee is reviewing recommendations for this global clinical trial (the same one that found remdesivir not to be effective) and went on to talk about their comprehensive guidelines process—e.g., “…tracking all developments in the treatment, of COVID-19, the clinical trials that are going on all over the world, and we do living updates of meta-analysis…” Swaminathan described how each new trial, depending on the results of the data, can add (or not) to the evidence of a drug such as ivermectin. Ultimately, the decision is made by the “Guideline Development Group,” reports Dr. Swaminathan.

Swaminathan noted that currently, the group is looking at IL-6 inhibitors, heparin-like antithrombotic agents as well as ivermectin in the next couple of weeks, and a few other drugs. She emphasized the challenge of numerous small trials, which have the potential to show misleading results. WHO’s Director-general position is that they don’t want to make a decision that’s not scientifically valid. TrialSite notes that the WHO antithrombotic review is thanks to recently announced NIH-sponsored study results from ACTIV-4.

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