A rent-seeking economy?

Dober komentar. Sama financializacija in rentniški kapitalizem lahko sicer pojasnita koncentracijo dobičkov v nekaterih panogah in povečanje neenakosti v rokah nekaj promilov lastnikov kapitala, ne moreta pa pojasniti splošnega upadanja produktivnosti. Slednje je posledica zmanjšane stopnje investicij. Odkar se je država v veliki meri umaknila iz aktivnega investiranja v javne dobrine, se produktivnost trendno znižuje. Financializacija in rentniški kapitalizem pa seveda lahko pojasnita, zakaj prihaja do koncentracije donosov v nekaj sektorjih, podjetjih in lastnikih kapitala.

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‘Financialisation’ has been promoted by heterodox economists as the cause of the iniquities and failures of modern capitalist economies.  Now an additional theory has been offered: ‘renterisation’. In a recent long article in the British Financial Times, its well-known economic columnist, Martin Wolf, offered this concept as the explanation of low productivity growth, rising inequality and the mountain of debt in the major economies.

Wolf reckons that capitalism has been “rigged” by monopolistic economic powers. “So why is the economy not delivering? The answer lies, in large part, with the rise of rentier capitalism. In this case “rent” means rewards over and above those required to induce the desired supply of goods, services, land or labour. “Rentier capitalism” means an economy in which market and political power allows privileged individuals and businesses to extract a great deal of such rent from everybody else….While the finance sector is an…

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