Piketty’s Capital unpacked

Special issue on Piketty’s Capital

Real-World Economics Review, Issue no. 69, 7 October 2014

Download whole issue 

The Piketty phenomenon and the future of inequality         2
Robert Wade         download pdf 

Egalitarianism’s latest foe        18
Yanis Varoufakis         download pdf

Piketty and the limits of marginal productivity theory        36
Lars Syll         download pdf 

Piketty’s determinism?        44
Ann Pettifor and Geoff Tily         download pdf 

Piketty’s global tax on capital         51
Heikki Patomäki         download pdf

Reading Piketty in Athens         58
Richard Parker         download pdf

Pondering Mexican hurdles while reading Capital in the XXI Century        74
Alicia Puyana Mutis           download pdf

Piketty’s inequality and local versus global Lewis turning points        89
Richard Koo         download pdf 

The growth of capital         100
Merijn Knibbe         download pdf 

Piketty vs. the classical economic reformers         122
Michael Hudson         download pdf 

Is Capital in the Twenty-first century Das Kapital for the twenty-first century?          131
Claude Hillinger         download pdf

Piketty and the resurgence of patrimonial capitalism         138
Jayati Ghosh         download pdf

Unpacking the first fundamental law         145
James K. Galbraith         download pdf

Capital and capital: The second most fundamental confusion         149
Edward Fullbrook         download pdf 

Piketty’s policy proposals: How to effectively redistribute income         161
David Colander         download pdf

Piketty: Inequality, poverty and managerial capitalism         167
Victor. A. Beker          download pdf

Capital in the Twenty-First Century: Are we doomed without a wealth tax?          175

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