Tudi Nemci se bojijo bančnih stres testov

Pregled kvalitete aktive 130 evropskih bank, ki se bo začel novembra letos kot prvi korak k vzpostavitvi centralnega evropskega nadzora nad evropskim bančnim sektorjem, vznemirja tudi Nemčijo. Po poročanju Spiegla so na udaru predvsem velika Commerzbank ter regionalni banki NHS Nordbank in Norddeutsche Landesbank. Pri tem naj bi imela Commerzbank kar za 25% slabe aktive. Drugi problem je, da je na nemškem trgu preveč bank in da bo najverjetneje prišlo do konsolidacije.

Fratzscher says it is not clear whether Commerzbank has a sustainable business model, like that of its well-capitalized competitor, Deutsche Bank. “It’s not an international player, and it’s not reaching a lot of private companies and households in Germany,” Fratzscher explains. He suggests that the German government, which has held a 17 percent stake in Commerzbank since the global financial crisis, might ultimately need to inject more liquidity into the bank or “scale it down.”

Part of Commerzbank’s trouble stems from its large exposure to poor shipping loans. “It’s taken huge losses and can’t find anyone to sell its shipping portfolio to,” says Megan Greene, chief economist at Maverick Intelligence. Commerzbank’s exposure to non-performing shipping loans increased from 21 percent to over 25 percent between November 2012 and June 2013, according to a recent report on the planned asset quality review by Nomura Equity Research. But Commerzbank is not the only German bank facing challenges ahead of the assessment.

“I think shipping loans is a higher risk area for a number of German banks, and as in previous stress tests one of the key challenges will be the comparatively low level of Basel III core Tier 1 [capital ratios above 7 percent] as a starting point,” notes Jon Peace, a Nomura analyst. Other German banks with high shipping exposures are two of the publicly-owned Landesbanken, or regional banks, including NHS Nordbank and Norddeutsche Landesbank.

Vir: Der Spiegel

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