Follow up: Nemška podjetja se bojijo industrijske špijonaže

Afera s prisluškovanjem NSA komunikaciji širom Evrope, najbolj pa v Nemčiji, ter sodelovanje Googla v tej raboti je v mnoga nemška podjetja vnesla nervozo ter veliko dozo previdnosti. Zadeve gredo tako daleč, da pametni telefoni, razen Blackberryjev, več nimajo vstopa na interne sestanke ali da se pomembna notranja komunikacija ne odvija več po elektronski poti, pač pa se prenaša ročno. Problem je v tem, kot sem pisal zadnjič, da nihče več ni prepričan, da elektronska komunikacija prek Googlovih strežnikov (gmail, Android) ne bo prišla v roke ne samo NSA, pač pa zasebnim podjetjem, katerim NSA outsourca obdelavo podatkov (data mining).

After the revelations of large-scale data mining by the United States, German managers have become even more nervous about data security. EADS CEO Tom Enders and other senior executives have ratcheted up their defensive measures even further. “Many documents that used to be sent by email are now hand-delivered to the recipient,” says an EADS official. He notes that the only documents that are now sent electronically are those that the company would have no objections to posting publicly or displaying “on the church door.”

Enders and his fellow managers are not alone. Many German business executives are worried about what the NSA does with all the data it presumably collects on German companies, says Ulrich Brehmer, a member of the executive board of the German Association for Security in Industry and Commerce (ASW).

Brehmer is far from a conspiracy theorist, and he isn’t trying to suggest that US intelligence services are deliberately poaching industrial know-how from Germany and channeling it to American companies. Instead, what worries him is that US intelligence agencies are working hand-in-hand with consultants from the private sector. “Who knows whether they might be selling information to interested parties here and there,” says Brehmer, who assesses the risk of such data abuse as “high.”

Vir: Der Spiegel

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